PSHE and Citizenship


Years 7-11

Students are encouraged to complete the ‘PSHE 30 Day Challenge’. At different points throughout each week they are tasked with researching specific topics in line with the PSHE scheme of work as well as tasks which will help to support their own mental health through this challenging time.

Try the PSHE 30 Day Challenge

Years 12-13

Students are encouraged to join their weekly tutorial sessions to meet up with their peers and tutor, and support each other. Year 12 will be finding out all about the UCAS process and starting to write their personal statements whilst Year 13 will be sharing how they are contributing to their community at this time.  


Years 7-8

Students will be set a task once a fortnight in line with their usual lesson. The resources/worksheets can be found on Google Classroom and should be submitted for the deadline set by the class teacher.

Additionally, to build on and support the skills developed in Citizenship lessons students are encouraged to take an interest in current affairs and broaden their understanding of topics which are having an ongoing impact on their daily lives. As part of their research, it is important to consider and explore information from many sources, however students are advised to stick to reputable platforms in order to form their own opinions. Families are encouraged to have discussions and debates on topical issues.