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'Outsanding' Maths Results 

The staff and students at Queen Elizabeth’s High School were thrilled to be graded ‘Outstanding’ in all aspects during a recent visit from Her Majesty’s Inspectorate (HMI). The Inspector, who looked at Mathematics across the school,  observed lessons, reviewed students’ work, spoke to staff and interviewed the Head of Department and other senior leaders in the school. 

The Headteacher, Mr Allsop, thanked all Maths staff and students for their hard work and cooperation with the Inspector. “I am absolutely delighted with the Inspector’s very positive comments about the work that our Maths Department do, not only to ensure students achieve their best but also to enjoy their Maths learning. I was also extremely proud of our students, whom the Inspector said answered her questions with honesty and confidence. Students praised, in particular, the enthusiasm of our Maths staff and the level of support in place for those needing additional help across the school at all levels and in every year group. This report is something to be proud of for all our Maths staff and students”. Head of the Maths Faculty, Mr Bowler, was also delighted with the outcome. “We are very pleased, and it is an endorsement of all that we do. We will not, however become complacent and our focus remains, as always, on student achievement and enthusiasm for Maths.”

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