Subject Prospectus 

Welcome to the 2019 subject prospectus for the Sixth Form here at QEHS.  The school is pleased to offer a broad and balanced curriculum to allow prospective students the opportunity to pick from a range of programmes of study.  

Subject Prospectus Introduction

Admission criteria 

Our admissions criteria are as follows:

  • Students intending to follow a route of three A Levels will need to achieve at least 42 points across their best eight subjects, including at least grade 5 in English Language and Maths.  Beyond that, most subjects carry additional criteria to ensure suitability for study; please see the specific subject pages of the prospectus. 
  • Students who wish to study four or more A Levels will need to have at least six GCSE subjects graded 7 or higher.
  • For legacy GCSEs, grades will be converted into points using the DfE point scores, in 2018 these will be: A*=8.5, A=7, B=5.5, C=4, D=3, E=2, F=1.5, G=1. The DfE point score for AS levels in 2018 will be; A=10.75, B=8.88, C=7, D=5.13 and E=3.5
  • The School uses the current DfE Key Stage 4 qualification points when making decisions.

Please note that Year 12 students are recommended to have achieved two D grades at the end of Year 12 to ensure their best chance of success at the end of Year 13.

Application procedure 

Students wishing to apply for a place for September 2018 are asked to apply using a standard QEHS application form which is available in the prospectus pack and on the Sixth Form area of the school website.

It is essential that students make informed choices and you are encouraged to thoroughly investigate the impact of your options, both in terms of the relationship between them and the potential outcomes of those choices, be that employment or higher education.  We will consider any application made before the commencement of the courses in September 2019,  however we plan our curriculum and staffing based on student applications received by the end of December 2018.  This means that some students applying after this date may find their choices restricted and could be placed on a waiting list for popular courses.

Students should expect to hear about their application in late March/early April where we indicate whether or not the options picked will work together; inevitably, we have to come back to one or two students to ask them to reselect if they can, as our best fit curriculum cannot possibly suit every applicant.  The Sixth Form team are willing to support and guide you throughout this process.  Please just ask for help!

Sixth Form Offer

  • All students will be expected to complete 3 A Levels by the end of Year 13.
  • Students will be able to complete an independent extended project with support from tutors in school.  This provides a fantastic opportunity for students to demonstrate commitment to their chosen future career or Higher Education course.  It carries UCAS points too and is highly valued by universities.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to pursue the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award.
  • Students may be able to study the LiBF Level 3 Qualification in Financial Management, an excellent additional qualification that carries UCAS points and enhances a student’s financial skills prior to going to university or starting a Level 3 apprenticeship. 
  • Students receive 1:1 CV and UCAS guidance and advice from a team of tutors supplemented by specialist support from the Sixth Form Team and subject specialists. Staff who have years of experience in supporting students with University applications drawing on experience of working in University admissions with many successful applicants for Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities and highly competitive Level 3 apprenticeships each year.
  • The QEHS programme of support outlined above is also supplemented by bringing in outside support for students preparing for interviews in areas like Medicine.
  • In terms of personal development, the school offers an unrivalled selection of additional options* to both enthuse and stretch students in their ‘non-contact’ time.  Examples have included, Italian culture and language, Spanish, sport, the National Citizenship Service, assorted student led societies including a debating group, a sign language class, a drama group and a charities group.  Students can also get involved in voluntary groups and work experience which offers opportunities for students to show their abilities in very different environments and Mandarin can be taken as a complementary activity.
  • For students wanting to stay fit and healthy or pursue their sporting interests students can take up our special membership offer at the local leisure centre / gym or get more involved in the sporting activities offered at QEHS, possibly with a view to representing the school in fixtures. A link with Gainsborough Trinity Football Club has been made and coaching / community leadership opportunities may also be available.
  • Finally, university level courses are available for more able students through the Open University and guided by our experienced Gifted and Talented co-ordinator.  
  • A week of valuable work experience is offered in term 6 to allow students to plan for their futures and experience the world of work in their chosen career.

Please feel free to contact us at if you would like further information or visit the school website. 

* The opportunities offered will vary year on year, depending on student interests and with the aim of developing the skills and attributes of the cohort.

Application Form 2019 - Internal - for current Year 11 QEHS Students

Application Form 2019 External

16-19 Bursary Application Process

Course Details 2018-19

For students who get the grades to take a fourth subject, we currently offer the following subjects as 1 year AS courses:

  • Law
  • History
  • Science
  • Maths and Further Maths
  • Music
  • German
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Geography