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Morton Terrace
Gainsborough Lincolnshire DN21 2ST
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QEHS Messenger

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QEHS Messenger

The Student Newspaper Editorial Team are excited to release the long awaited QEHS Messenger! Bringing you all the latest student news and view from QEHS.

We welcome your input as we search for Year Group, House, sporting and celebratory news. It does not necessarily need to be about school - just something of interest to the QEHS Student Community.

We look forward to hearing your stories, ready for the September Issue. Submission deadline: Monday 14 September.


It is easy to submit content at the top of this newsletter page or email: NewspaperEditorialTeam@qehs.lincs.sch.uk 

Enjoy the summer, and see you back in school on Mon 7 September.
Happy reading! 
The QEHS Messenger Editorial Team