Sport is an integral part of QEHS life, well supported by students and staff alike, including a host of teams across a broad variety of activities. There are regular practices every Monday and Thursday for team players. The positive environment that exists at QEHS has enabled the school to maintain a long tradition of District and County successes. Last year in particular was very fruitful with:

Year 7,8,9,10 & 11 all District netball champions.
Year 7, 8 & 11 boys’ football District champions. Year 7 County champions.
Year 9 & 11 boys’ badminton champions
Boys’ table tennis Doncaster league champions across all age groups.
Year 7 & 8 District rugby champions.
Year 7,8 & 10 girls’ athletics champions with Year 8 boys.
Each year there are continued individual successes within County cross-country and athletics.

Our typical offer of extra-curricular activities includes:
Term 1 and term 4 - we play football and netball within a District league for all age groups.
Terms 2 and 4 - we offer rugby (predominantly Saturdays) and netball as our team games with also individual sports of District league badminton for both the boys and girls and table tennis for the boys.
Terms 5 + 6 - we play district tennis and county cup cricket for the boys,  league rounders for the girls and athletics for both genders.
The sixth form play rugby, football and netball as friendlies throughout the year.
Each of our year group teams expects to play a minimum of 6 / 7 fixtures per activity depending on duration of cup runs.

Annually, during the Easter holidays, the PE department runs an 8 day ski trip to Italy for around 74 Year 8 & Year 9 pupils.