Pastoral care, welfare and well-being of students


Our aim is to create an enjoyable and effective small school ethos within what is a large institution and to strengthen the focus of staff in their pastoral roles upon the general welfare and academic progress of each student. As well as the pastoral guidance and management role, the House System is also a framework to encourage the development of a broad range of skills and values through participation and competition in a wide range of activities.


The pastoral system at QEHS is based on a vertical House system, comprising six Houses named after famous Britons: Austen, Brunel, Churchill, Darwin, Elgar and Scott. The six Houses consist of one tutor group from each of the Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Each House has a unique and particular identity.

Heads of Year and House Tutors, who are the first point of contact for parents, are responsive to students’ individual needs, and look to strengthen and improve communication and partnership with parents.

House activities and competitions include sports, drama, art, music, and public speaking. Students are not only participants; they are also involved in leading House Teams, coordinating events and officiating competitions. The House events therefore emphasise our commitment to a broad education and give a wide range of students the opportunity to participate in representative competitions, and take on positions of responsibility.


The House System is an integral part of our care for, and development of, the ‘whole child’. It enables us to provide excellent pastoral care and is a major vehicle for the delivery of our broader curricular aims.

House Competition

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