At QEHS, we believe in fostering a positive learning environment by recognising and rewarding excellence. Our transparent and direct reward system ensures that students are appreciated for their contributions and efforts, promoting a culture of motivation and success within the school community. 

Here's how our reward system works:

Student Rewards: When students excel in their studies, participate actively in school activities, or achieve milestones, they are eligible for rewards. These rewards are sent directly to the students and parents via Satchel One, recognising their hard work and dedication. It's a way to motivate them to continue their efforts and strive for excellence. These are awarded across our QEHS Learner Standards: Behaviour for Learning, Learning to Learn and Leadership for Learning.

You can view the rewards poster here


Students are encouraged to raise money to help those less fortunate than themselves. Working with the Salvation Army, we make Christmas gift boxes for local people. Charities are supported through the House system and students organise various fundraising events. The money that is raised through ‘civvies days’ is also given to charity.

Holidays in term time

It is expected that family holidays are normally taken during the 13 weeks of school holidays. The school holiday dates are always available a year in advance, in order to allow parents to plan ahead and holidays should never be booked during term-time.

In September 2013, the Regulations changed and the school is now prevented from granting any leave of absence except in exceptional circumstances. Family holidays, reunions, special birthdays and other family events are not considered exceptional and so we will not be able to grant leave of absence for such events.


Absences for appointments: A note should be written to the Form Tutor or Head of Year giving exact information as to the time of the appointment and when the child needs to leave school. The student should also ask a friend to take note of any work being missed or homework set and it is the student’s responsibility to catch up with missing work. Before leaving school, students need to sign out at Reception (showing an appointment card), and sign in again on their return.

Absences for performances: Occasionally we have requests for students to take time off school to appear in shows. Permission can only be considered if supported by a licence listing the exact dates when the child will be absent. A holiday form must also be completed as such time away from school is counted as absence which must be formally sanctioned by the school.

First Aid/Illness

Illnesses and accidents are dealt with as they occur. Students should go to Reception to alert the duty first aider when they are unwell or if they require support.

Mrs Hall is the School Counsellor and is available to offer support to students. Mrs Hall can be contacted through school on 01427 612354.


At our school, it is imperative that all students adhere to the established school rules and regulations. These rules are designed to create a safe and conducive learning environment for everyone. To ensure clarity and transparency in our behaviour policy, we have implemented a "Behaviour for Learning FlowChart" that outlines the various stages and consequences associated with different behavioural infractions. Furthermore, our school utilises Satchel One as the primary means of communication for all matters related to student behaviour. This includes notifications about detentions, including the less common but more serious Friday Night Detentions. By using Satchel One as our communication platform, we aim to maintain open lines of dialogue between school and home, ensuring that parents and guardians are informed and involved in the process of promoting positive behaviour and academic growth in our students.

The House System

The House system creates six small schools within a big school, allowing students to mix with others of different ages. It also provides the opportunity for all students to be involved in a variety of competitions ranging from all types of sport to chess, drama, art, music and public speaking. Each student will join one of six Houses, named after eminent Britons: Austen, Brunel, Churchill, Darwin, Elgar and Scott and wear a tie showing their House colour. The Houses compete annually for the House Cup and meet regularly for House assemblies.

School Council

The School Council meets regularly to discuss a wide variety of issues that affect the students such as behaviour, charities and how the working environment can be improved. Each form will elect two form captains (one boy and one girl), one form captain from each of KS3, KS4 and KS5 will attend School Council meetings. Each student has the chance to suggest any topic which they think needs discussing.


A copy of the School’s Complaints Policy is available on the School’s website here.