Welcome Videos

Click on each heading below to view our Virtual Open Evening:

Headteacher’s Introduction                                             

Mr Allsop gives a brief overview of the videos and a welcome to the school.

A Welcome from the Head Boy and Head Girl          

Ben and Erin introduce themselves and tell you a little more about what it is like to be a student at QEHS.

Virtual Tour                                                                          

Sarp and Sabrina, joined by Ben and Erin, take you on a tour of QEHS, speeded up through the magic of video.

Beyond the Classroom                                                       

Get an insight into the huge range of opportunities QEHS offers students outside of the classroom.

Mrs Watson (Transition Coordinator)                                                                    

Mrs Watson gives an outline of the transition process at QEHS.

Admissions Information                                                    

Miss Radcliffe explains the process of applying for a place at QEHS.