Careers and Guidance

Statutory Guidance

Careers Education and Guidance at QEHS follows the best practice that is set out in the Department for Education document ‘Careers guidance and access for education and training providers'. Statutory guidance for governing bodies, school leaders and school staff.

(January 2023)

The report found 8 benchmarks of best practice, which are now more commonly known as ‘The Gatsby Benchmarks.’ They are:

• A stable careers programme
• Learning from career and labour market information
• Addressing the needs of each pupil
• Linking curriculum learning to careers
• Encounters with employers and employees
• Experiences of workplaces
• Encounters with further and higher education
• Personal guidance

The Careers Education and Guidance programme is delivered mainly through the PSHE programme, combined with individual interviews with tutors pastoral leaders and careers staff. Aspects of Careers Education and Guidance are also delivered through the academic curriculum when they are considered to be beneficial, relevant and appropriate. All elements of the programme are monitored and evaluated by the Careers Co-ordinator, Mr Kingdom, who may be contacted via the School Office.

In addition, the following external organisations and agencies contribute to the school's Careers Education and Guidance programme:

• Higher and Further Education Institution representatives
• Local industry and commerce
• Training organisations
• Community and charity organisations

Options are presented to students in an open, unbiased way. Students are encouraged to challenge attitudes, beliefs and stereotypes, which might prevent the fulfilment of their individual potential. Awareness of equal opportunities issues will be continuously developed through the Careers Education and Guidance programme.

The important role that parents play in helping to shape the careers and education choices of young people is recognised. Therefore parents are brought into the guidance process through parents' consultation evenings and information evenings where appropriate staff are represented. Parents have the option to attend a child’s careers guidance interview.


The website below offers free advice that you may find useful.

Wanting advice on Careers?  You may find the websites below useful;

National Careers Service - general advice on careers.  If you wish, the Careers service will ring you back for a telephone interview to discuss your options. 

National Careers Service

The Not Going to Uni website offers advice regarding opportunities that do not involve higher education - including further education, apprenticeships, work experience and much more!

Not Going to Uni

Gap Year

Ideas and advice for anyone considering a gap year after A Level studies.

Gap Year advice and information

Higher Education

Student Finance:
University Compare: 

University Compare
A comprehensive university comparison site, offering students resources, tools, student discounts and university stats and rankings. 

A website which tells you everything you need to know about Clearing and Adjustment and offers an app which allows you to speak to universities directly.

Uni Compare app
Download the Uni Compare app and see our service in action. Works for all smartphones.

Future First 
On this course you will be able to identify your strengths and learn how to use your time at university to explore career options and prepare for future job roles.