ICT Code of Conduct

The computer network at QEHS opens up lots of opportunities for the whole school, including access to email and the Internet. This puts a responsibility on everyone who uses the facilities. This 'Code of Conduct' details what these responsibilities are. It is not intended to put users off using the computer facilities; rather it is there so the whole school community is aware of how the system should be used.

● I realise that access to the QEHS computer network is a privilege, not a right, and that if I misuse or abuse the system in any way, then I may be excluded from using it.

● The School’s computer network is a valuable resource. I will not use any ICT facilities, including the Internet and email service, for any reason other than that which is related directly to school work. This covers activities such as playing games, sending personal emails, sending group internal emails to other students, use of email for chat purposes or chat software and viewing unsuitable websites.

● My password gives me unique access to my workspace on the network. I will not tell anyone else my password, and if I suspect someone else knows my password, I will change it.

● I will not attempt to gain access to the accounts of other users, either on the school network, or in the wider computer community.

● I will not attempt to circumnavigate any of the filters, policies or controls set on the computer systems.

● I am solely responsible for the work that is kept in my workspace. If I find files in my workspace that I am unsure about, I will inform a member of the ICT department.

● I will not try to alter the configuration of, or gain unauthorised access to, any workstation or the servers.

● I will not bring software into school, and I will not download programs, music or videos from the Internet, unless I have been given permission by the ICT Systems Manager.

● I understand that the software that I will use on the school computers is subject to copyright, and as such it would be illegal to copy it.

● I understand that any school work I produce becomes the copyright of the school.

● I understand that I do not need to ask for permission to use a printer on the network, but that I am limited to a set number of printer credits. If I exceed that limit, I will be expected to pay for any further printing I do.

● I am aware that these rules apply when using any of the computers in school both in lessons and at break or lunchtime, and also apply when accessing the school’s network from home.

● I know that the use of the network is monitored by the ICT department and that from time to time they may need to view the files in my work area and any emails I have sent/received.

● I know that I must not attempt to attach any device to any computer system in the school either for USB storage or device charging.